How To Implement Powerful DME Billing Best Practices

Any expert will tell you that healthcare providers that boasts of easy communication, quick payments and effective billing management system all have one thing in common, streamlined revenue cycle management. Optimizing your DME billing cycle is one of the ideal ways to reduce your DSO, collect more of what as a provider you owed and also expand your base of patients.

Implementing quality practices like the above will help find the right solutions and also stay on track with the business growth. However, it is becoming quite a task to explore the right options, find ways of managing resources with the existing labor shortage overshadowing the reimbursement stage at present.

You need a consistent partner that knows how to reduce your overhead costs, higher wages with consistency and outsourcing of your DME billing appears to be a pertinent opportunity for many. However, the question is how you will find your ideal DME billing services partner to address all the aforementioned challenges.

The Sunknowledge Intervention

Our team of DME billers and coders are currently working with the largest suppliers of DMEPOS items across the country. We have excellent references on how to handle everything right from start to finish. At present, our team works with more than 100 clients only in DME and have excellent references.

Also, as a next gen DME billing company, we have eliminated proven pain points in practice management by working as a consistent partner addressing both front and back end challenges in revenue cycle management. Also, we have reduced operational expenses by almost 70% with our stand out presence.

Speak to our experts and come to know what makes us unique in the world of DME billing. Our team takes pride in working with excellence and consistency and will work as your trusted partner at these difficult times.

Get in touch on what makes us unique and an exception on how we deliver actionable support at just $7 per hour. Our customized reporting, seamless standards of transition makes us what we are at present as a DME billing partner.

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