Time To Decode Your Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Denial with Sunknowledge

In a medical billing process, whether it is DME, HME, orthotics, and skilled nursing facility billing etc, a denial cost the practices money, resources as well as time. Moreover, in case of denial additional resources to track down the reason for it and fixing it further waste the practice’s time as well as effort.
In fact, here are few common reasons for skilled nursing facility billing denial:

Incorrect code and modifier- during the billing process a set of specific codes as well as modifiers are used to indicate that a particular service was performed. However, with the changing billing requirement and changing codes, billers and coders often tend to miss out on the updated version, resulting in errors in the whole skilled nursing facility billing and hence denial.

Unaware of proper billing and coding knowledge – Lack of necessary information – missing information, information that is incorrect or invalid are common reasons for denials in a medical billing process

In fact, some examples of remarks codes include:
MA27: Missing, invalid or incomplete name or entitlement number on claim
N245: Invalid or incomplete plan information for other insurance
MA112: Incomplete, invalid or missing group practice information
N286: Missing, invalid or incomplete primary identifier for referring provider etc

Duplicate claims submission – it happens mostly when a biller ends up submitting the same claim more than once to the patient’s insurance company.

Delay in submission of claims – juggling in-between patient care and administrative work, in-house billers often end up forget the time of claims submission and end up crossing its deadlines; which is categorized under denial claims.

Though there are many other reasons, but all these can be avoided if handled carefully, which is why Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help.

Sunknowledge Services Inc the ultimate solution:

Taking care of all pre and post billing services, Sunknowledge experts with continuous follow-up and timely claims submission further ensure a 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing and coding processes. Reducing the chances of denials, our experts further ensure doctor office follow-up so that all the needed information is collectively received. In fact, partnering with us is a way to reduce your skilled nursing facility billing by 80% with the highest collection rate along with excellent industry references.

So why wait, call us right now and improve your skilled nursing facility billing for better ROI with excellent Standards of Productivity at the Cheapest/ Lowest Price.

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