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Are you worried about your skilled nursing facility billing? Is your billing staff torn between handling patient care and handling many aspects of skilled nursing facility billing like consolidated billing, Medicare coverage conditions, Prospective Payment System (PPS), etc.? Is your staff under-trained to handle these cases and it’s difficult for you to afford the high-cost training? Fear not, you are just one of the several Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) that need a specialist’s guidance and Sunknowledge Incorporation Services Inc. is the perfect platform you will need to save your practice.

A skilled nursing facility is a special facility/nursing home providing medically necessary, post-hospital care in a home-like setting served by professionally trained nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, audiologists, etc. It is equipped advanced resources and supplies, and infrastructure aiding the staff to provide a range of service to the patients from supporting them with simple daily activities to providing advanced medical assistance.

Skilled nursing care might be required in the following cases:

? General wound care
? Fracture Rehabilitation and joint replacements rehabilitation’s
? Care for Terminal ill patients
? Stroke recovery care
? General rehabilitation due to physical weakness
? Diabetic rehabilitation
? Acute medical conditions
? Post-hospital Interim medical care Respiratory care
? Parkinson’s disease care
Sunknowledge takes care of your skilled nursing facilities billing, helping you in the Medicare coverage part. Medicare pays the claims for the following services provided certain conditions are met:

? Semi-private/shared room
? Meals
? Skilled nursing care
? Physical and occupational therapy if required
? Speech-language pathology services if required
? Medical social services
? Medications
? Medical supplies, and equipment used within the facility
? Ambulance transportation requirement to and fro the closest facility provider for the services not available at the SNF
? Dietary counseling

Sunknowledge turns the biggest pain of a nursing home facility into the most profitable area – Accounts Receivable! Providing you with a 360° Revenue Cycle Management solution that includes comprehensive accounts receivable and denial management strategies!

So how do we address your AR issues? We mainly focus on the key areas of concern by a simple 3 step strategy:

1. A/R Analysis: We have observed that on an average, almost 14% of all claims submitted to the payers get denied and need resubmission, appeal or write-off by providers. We close in on the high percentage of denied claims that are never re-filed as we believe, 50-70% of denied claims have a high chance of being recovered.

2. Payer Follow-up Policy: We insist on maintaining an aggressive follow-up with the insurance company’s on all accounts at any stage of the aging bucket.

3. Closure of claim: Closing the claims in the appropriate manner and getting the best results out of those is very important and we keep a keen focus on it.

Our denial management mechanism provides great importance on claim correction and resubmission activities and patient’s responsibilities.

If you are thinking that how Sunknowledge is still different from any other top names in skilled nursing facility billing, then check the benefits with working with us:

? 80% Reduction in Billing Costs
? FREE Dedicated account manager
? Low fee standalone services
? 99% accuracy
? Increased revenue collection up to 97%
? Unsurpassed speed
? No binding contracts
? 100s of clients with excellent references
? 100% HIPAA Compliance
? Fully supported by Hiscox Insurance of up to $1 million to cover any error of omission & commission, FREE!
? 100% client retention
? FREE Daily/Weekly/Monthly customized reports
? Clients’ legal issues handled by Nixon Peabody
? FREE Telemedicine platform

With over a decade in SNF billing, Sunknowledge works with the biggest hospitals and nursing homes! Get your practice the Sunknowledge solution and be among the best.

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