Missing Steps at The Front Desk can Cost Your Urgent Care Billing

Is your staff asking the correct questions with a new or established patient walking through the door? Chances are that if you do not collect the correct information of a patient before he leaves the clinic, the chances of this information arriving later gets seriously reduced.

Not estimating the coverage combined with not collecting the needed co pays reduces chances of securing a full payment. Missing information and its collection takes time and patients are not in a hurry to respond quickly after they are back from the clinic. This can cripple your reimbursements and ultimately the reimbursement.

Opting for a dynamic urgent care billing partner can help you identify the potential problems occurring upfront. Making sure that all the paper work is accurate before it reaches the billing department, collecting a co pay at registration requires specialized intervention.

US wages all around are going up and those who don’t adapt to the new reality will fail miserably! Labor is in short supply and has become expensive. Partnering with a quality urgent care billing and coding services company will help you take care of your patient volumes a lot better.

What Makes Sunknowledge Unique

The biggest reason what defines our credentials is an extensive understanding of the best practices of the industry. With over a 100 clients all across the urgent care space, we work with the biggest and the best and have excellent references.

Our niche presence, capability of delivering value at these testing times makes us a genuine urgent care billing Services Company. Moreover, we understand your world of urgent care billing guidelines 2021 and address it with our versatility and excellence.

Our niche presence and understanding of the best practices of the industry defines our credentials as a powerful urgent care billing Services Company. We work across all billing systems like Experity, Epiccare, PrognoCIS , Carecloud and many more.

Speak to our experts and get to know what makes us unique in the world of urgent care billing. We offer the lowest price and extend experienced urgent care billers and coders at just $7 per hour. Our team is just a call away from you!

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