Ensure Better RCM with Complete Medical Coding Services Support

Medical coding is the healthcare diagnosis, medical services, procedures, equipments into alphanumeric codes. The procedure as well as the diagnosis codes is taken from the medical documentation with the transcription of notes, lab as well as the radiology results.

Primary responsibility of the medical coders will be to apply it appropriately during the medical billing process. It also includes abstracting the information from the documentation, assigning the codes appropriately, creating a claim for payment by the insurance carriers.

Medical coding is the process of standardizing the codes that can tell the payers the following:
♦ Diagnosis
♦ Medical necessity of the treatment, supplies received by the patients
♦ Services, treatments, supplies extended to the patients
♦ Any unnatural circumstances or condition medically that affects those services and treatments

Medical coding needs the ability to understand the physiology, anatomy, details of the service and understanding the rules and regulations of the payers for succeeding.

The Sunknowledge Advantage in Medical Coding Services

The best part of working with Sunknowledge Services Inc will be our extensive understanding of the best practices of the industry, unique recognition of working with both healthcare payers and providers with admirable distinction.

Currently, we are serving major companies with our medical coding services which include: Emergency room services, Surgery centers, labs, Anesthesiology clinics, radiology service providers, urgent care centers and many more.

Our team delivers actionable support in medical coding services with
♦ Rates placed at $7 per hour, the lowest in the market
♦ Our coders deliver error-free charge sheets within agreed TAT provided by the client
♦ We monitor, analyze and improve coding documentation to avoid denials and guarantee reimbursements
♦ We carefully determine the codes according to the clinical information provided by the Healthcare Provider/Professionals and report back accordingly
♦ Our coders have undergone extensive medical coding training and are well aware of updated coding guidelines
♦ All our coders are ICD-10 certified (CPC)
99.99% medical coding accuracy
100% HIPAA compliance

Looking to know more on our action plan to deliver you the right support in medical coding services? We are just a call away! Leverage the Sunknowledge opportunity for a hassle free medical coding services support.

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