How to Choose a Reliable Prior Authorization Company

AMA made a recent survey on the roadblocks and challenges associated with prior authorization for patients and physicians. It is true that prior authorization remains a major hindrance to securing proper patient care.

  • A meager 11% of physicians reported about contracting with health plans that offer exemptions. About 68% physicians think that it is challenging to know whether a prescription medication needs prior authorization.
  • Also, 58% report that it is challenging to determine on whether a medical service needs prior authorization.
  • A major chunk of physicians amounting to 87% reports that prior auth surely interferes with care continuity.
  • Only 24% of physicians report that their EMR system can accommodate transactions of prior authorization for any medications.

To quote a 2020 AMA survey found that on an average practices had to complete 40 pre authorizations per physician almost each week. It also implies that choosing a dedicated prior auth company will be a blessing in disguise for you in the long run.

Sunknowledge understands Your RCM Challenges

The biggest advantage of working with Sunknowledge is our years of experience and consistency. At present, we are working with some of the largest healthcare providers that include DME, HME, O&P, gastroenterology, radiology, physical therapy, dermatology, cardiology and Lab test centers.

  • We have been defining practice management standards for the best across the industry and have excellent references.
  • Our niche presence, capability of delivering actionable support makes us a powerhouse prior auth company.
  • Moreover, our team is working with largest providers and have transformed their collections by eliminating the time and mistakes done during insurance verification and prior authorization process. Let our experts give you a demo on what separates us from the rest.

Our ability to extend superior prior authorization service makes us a force to reckon as a prior authorization company. Find out how we initiate PA requests, follow up with payers and physicians, collect documents, update the auth outcome and also secure 100% PA submission on the same day itself from our team. We will love to share our ideas of a business synergy with you.

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