Why Choose Sunknowledge in HME Billing

One of the biggest challenges faced by every HME provider is to find a balance, ways on how they can manage their rising DSO’s. Also, it is becoming increasingly difficult for providers to find resources that can help them manage all their practice management demands on a daily basis by understanding the adjudication mandates, finding a team that can help them in submitting claims according to timely filing limits.

Also, a lot of companies are facing challenges in finding experienced team in HME billing that can handle front office tasks that include eligibility verification, prior authorization, order entry and confirmation, following up for documents from the doctor’s office. All of these are critical to make sure that claims are clean, there are no documents missing that can hinder the insurance ‘s demand for proving the medical necessity.

Sunknowledge : The Trusted HME Billing Company

It is true that reducing operational costs, finding a cure for rising DSO’s will be immediate needs for the HME providers. If you are looking for streamlined assistance and need experience with specialized team that can eliminate proven gaps in revenue cycle, Sunknowledge has the best answer for you!

We have set benchmarks and have experience across the product lines like CPAP, BIPAP, Nebulizer, Oxygen, Wheelchairs, Power Mobility, Enteral and Ostomy Supplies and many more. Our team has the unique experience in offering support across all practice management platforms like CPR+, Brightree, Kareo, OPIE, Bonafide, Team DME, DME Works, Cortex EDI, Fastrack and others.

If you are looking for streamlined support in HME billing, reach out to Sunknowledge! We have been exceptional with our process of offering it all with pre and post support, unparalleled standards with our productivity and access to team leaders and account managers for seamless communication standards without any additional expenses. We have always served the biggest and the best with excellent references and can drive your ROI with great credentials.

To conclude, we have a complete action plan for your HME billing worries. Speak to our experts, learn more on how we set the benchmark as a perfect operational arm. Schedule a demonstration with our team to know about our unique value proposition.