Implement Checks in Orthotics & Prosthetics Billing

Any Orthotics & Prosthetics provider will tell you that managing improper payments, rising DSO’s remain a critical area that still needs a lot of work. The latest rate of improper payments across the DMEPOS landscape stands at around 47% which is astounding. Managing front office work with a specialized partner is going to be have a huge impact in your cash flow.

Also, eliminating gaps in finding the documents, getting everything in place that helps in proving the medical necessity is critical at the onset. Before scheduling a delivery, the eligibility checks has to be performed, securing authorization on time has to be ensured with a streamlined activity.

As a next gen RCM destination, finding someone that knows everything in and out with both pre/ post activities in Orthotics & Prosthetics billing serves the edge. However, hiring someone that expends such superior support and versatility is rare.

Sunknowledge with the answer as a complete RCM partner

Excellent references, great potential in delivering actionable support across all practice management systems, Sunknowledge knows what it takes to eliminate proven challenges in your revenue cycle. We are currently serving major clients in the DMEPOS space with great ability to offer dedicated support. Unlike any of our competitors, we work as a reliable operational extension, deliver actionable assistance with powerful standards of communication.

Currently, we have a foot print right from the east to the west coast, understand what it takes to reduce your gaps in managing tasks like eligibility verification, prior authorization, order intake and confirmation, doctor’s office follow ups for documents that sets the benchmark for clean claims. Also, we offer post Orthotics & Prosthetics billing at just 1.49% or $7 per hour and that too at the highest productivity standards.

Know more about our references! Learn from our experts about how we make the difference in your revenue stream by extending unmatched support. Leverage the Sunknowledge expertise on how we make you have a competitive advantage and a better collections and an action plan for reducing your operational expenses immediately.

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