New Solutions in Bookkeeping and Accounting for 2023

Understanding Challenges in Healthcare Bookkeeping and Accounting

The best measure of how good the bookkeeping and accounting operations of a healthcare practice is to be found in the health of the collections. Effective bookkeeping & accounting is primarily being thorough and accurate. Proficiency in the provider’s chosen billing software is also necessary. But it comes second only in importance to being accurate and having a meticulous approach to the matter.

With such stringent demands, it is no wonder that a large number of healthcare practices often find it extremely challenging to maintain their profitability while struggling with inefficient or incompetent bookkeepers and accountants. Many a time, annual audits clearly reveal gaps that can be very hard to fill later on. Everybody dreams of that perfect balance sheet, of having every invoice paid and every dollar due into the company account before the day is over. But the reality is far from it. Mounting accounts receivable, missed revenue due to careless accounting, bookkeeping replete with errors – these are but just a few of the practical obstacles in the path to achieving invoicing glory.

New Solutions for A New Year

The quickest and easiest key to open the doors to better bookkeeping and accounting practices may not often be found within the organization. The clear trend is outsourcing such practices to dedicated service providers who are usually located in an offshore location. With the aid of fast Internet connectivity and web-based accounting software, a growing number of healthcare providers are engaging professional bookkeepers, inventory managers and accountants, and even tax consultants, at hourly rates that are surprisingly affordable.

The list of services offered by such providers is a long and varied one. Some of the typical offerings include ledger posting, payment follow-up & payment posting, managing invoices, handling bank/credit card transactions on behalf of the client, managing payroll, generating invoices, payment reconciliation with bank and/or credit card statement, and so on.

Outsourcing lets busy healthcare practices get instant access to a pool of experienced analysts and accountants who provide complete implementation and advisory support with a wide range of accounting software, helping them reach their desired process automation levels quickly. It is a new way to quickly streamline billing and accounting operations, and keep your business safe from any financial conundrums.