The Sunknowledge Action Plan in DME Pre Billing

Unique ability to work as a reliable operational extension, Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers superior solutions in DME pre billing with great references across the industry. Our team of experts understands the best practices of the industry, extend superior support that transpire into better ROI for our clients in the best possible manner.

Also, we work with some of the leading names across the MSO’s , insurance companies and have a unique edge as we work with both payers and providers, providing the right support for a complete revenue cycle management experience.

We offer a host of solutions and are currently working with leading DME and Orthotics & prosthetics providers both in the east & the west coast.

Pre-billing Services:-
♦ Eligibility Verification – Online & Calling (with same & similar check for Medicare)
♦ Authorization Initiation – Online & Calling
♦ Authorization Follow Up
1. Follow-up with payer on Authorization
2. Completion of authorization form based on the outcome of the request
♦ Doctor’s Office Follow-up for documents etc
♦ Re-Authorization
♦ Order Entry
1. Patient Account Creation
2. Patient’s demographic entry
3. Prescription information entry
4. Insurance entry
5. Provider’s information entry
6. Item entry
♦ Order Confirmation
♦ Scheduling of Delivery

Enhance your cash flow with the Sunknowledge Advantage

Improve your revenue cycle with us working as your ultimate billing destination. We have an extensive pool of DME billers and coders who are proficient across all major billing systems and offer our specialized intervention by working as your complete RCM partner. Our team believes in providing you the right value, deliver range of services for a reliable RCM experience on all accounts.

Looking to know more on how we deliver you the right value! Let our team share with you our ideas of a possible business synergy and how we can offer you the right assistance. Leverage the Sunknowledge opportunity right now. We are your dedicated team that believes in accelerating your billing process with a streamlined DME pre billing action plan. Our experts are just a call away from you!

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