Save Staff Burn Out in Your Urgent Care by Outsourcing Billing

It is true that this pandemic has created staff shortage challenges and burnout in 2020 as well as in early 2021. While it is true that patient volumes look to be stabilized for now, there are anticipations with the beginning of the flu season and a potential surge in cases.

High burnout with existing staffs is a huge concern for a lot of urgent care centers. Finding better processes that can keep your staffs happy and handle high volumes of patients can be a difficult task.

You need to have a clear plan in place on what are the priorities that needs immediate attention. Outsourcing of urgentcare billing has evolved as a cutting edge means for many looking for a competitive presence in the long run. Making it easier to accommodate higher volumes of patients should be the idea.

The Sunknowledge Approach

Over the last decade or more, our team has been excellent in delivering exclusive support in urgent care billing to leading practices and centers. We have excellent references from top names in the industry and currently we are serving the largest in New York. As a next gen RCM destination, our niche presence, ability to drive ROI for the best has been regarded highly by the leading urgent care centers of the country.

Our team has excellent versatility across top software systems used in the urgent care space. We know what it takes to post charges, submitting urgent care claims with the right modifiers, verifying eligibility if needed, working on denials, urgent care coding, collecting your aging accounts receivable. And the best part, we do it all at $7 per hour or 1.49% of collections.

Our experts will be glad to share a complete overview on how we serve ideal support. Leverage the Sunknowledge expertise right now and let us accelerate your reimbursements like never before. Our niche presence, ability to offer out of the box support is what makes us unique in the entire RCM world. We will love to share our references , success stories in urgent care billing with you.

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