Covid-19 Billing Solutions for Lab Testing and Urgent Care

On April 24th, 2020, CMS has advised that testing for Covid 19 by utilizing high throughput technology has to be identified by the two HCPCS U0003 and U0004 as appropriate instead of CPT code 87635 and HCPCS code U0002 as well respectively.

There are several types of tests like the Covid 19 swab test, antibody test. Also, an individual who have the symptoms and meet the testing criteria as established by the CDC has to be met for billing. Also, how and where the samples have been collected, through a healthcare provider, at home, or at a lab testing clinic is important information.

Medicare covers the following diagnostic viral testing for any residents and patients. Testing residents with symptoms or signs, testing asymptomatic patients, initial or baseline testing, and testing to determine the resolution via medical and scientific equipment (such as that seen on, to show but one example).
Also, there is HRSA for COVID 19 claims reimbursement to the healthcare providers and facilities testing and treatment of the uninsured program.

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Healthcare entities like urgent care or lab testing clinics can avail the HRSA funding who have conducted COVID 19 testing of uninsured individuals, provided treatment, and even administered an FDA authorized or licensed COVID 19 vaccine on or after Feb 4 2020, can request reimbursement through the program in an electronic manner. They are reimbursed at general Medicare rates which are subject to available funding.

To focus on your patients better, you need a reliable partner that can offer you all the support with your Covid billing for labs and urgent care centers. A quality RCM vendor will help you plan ahead and secure the payments from the payers. Also, it will help you in reducing your costs in operations consistently over a period of time.

The Sunknowledge approach in Covid-19 Billing for Lab Testing and Urgent Care

Lab Testing and Urgent CareOver the last decade or more, our team has been serving providers and payers with great ease and confidence. Our team knows how to get you reimbursed with our expert front and back end RCM efforts in the right vein.

We have a robust process in place and will eliminate your practice management loopholes once and for all. We can work for any telemedicine visits and can offer our billing services for the same as well.

Services offered

New patient Entry
Eligibility and Benefits Verification
Prior Authorization
Medical Coding
Claims Submission
Rejection Management
Payment Posting
Accounts Receivables Follow-up
Denial Management
Customer Service

At Sunknowledge, we have trained resources as well as technology to ease the burden of hospitals and healthcare providers. Our team will complement any shortage of staff challenges that will help you in meeting the newer challenges with healthcare.

We will reduce your strain in managing post-care patients and the other live encounters besides the other emergencies. We know what it takes to make your clinic a sophisticated and desired place that will engage your patients at these testing times.

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