Decoding The Secrets to Urgent Care Billing Success

A lot of challenges for any urgent care center usually starts at the front door. Finding an answer for your reimbursement challenges is critical for you at these extraordinary times. Reducing your operational expenses will be a serious event that needs expert intervention. Managing the patient demographic details, checking the eligibilities if needed, posting the right charges, finding the reasons for denials are so important today than ever before. Especially in the weekends and Friday, you still have a huge influx of patients that visit your practice. Outsourcing of your urgent care billing mandates essentially requires a streamlined partner that can add the right value.

However, you need a perfect partner that can bring sanity to your proceedings. Experience and productivity are the two assets that can bring justice to your collections in the best possible manner. Also, they extend a possibility in helping you to focus better on patient care.

The Sunknowledge Advantage in ROI

The biggest advantage in choosing us as your urgent care billing partner is our extensive experience in working with the best. We have reduced collections worries for the best, ensured versatility across all major urgent care billing software in use including Docutap and many more. Our niche presence, experience in generating consistent revenue stream for our partners makes us an ultimate choice for many.

We are currently serving the largest urgent care center in New York and also more than 100 clients across the country. We do it all right from working at the front end, with patient intake, charge posting, urgent care coding, submitting the claims on time, managing denials and recovering your bucket of pending accounts receivable.

Speak to our team and get to know how to bring justice to your pending bucket. At just $7 per hour or 1.49% of collections, we can transform your ROI possibilities as an urgent care billing powerhouse. Hire us for a complete revamp of your revenue cycle efforts like never before.

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