DME Pre Billing is Our Unique Value Proposition

Capable of delivering the right value as a complete healthcare services company, Sunknowledge Services Inc is your reliable operational extension. We have the ability to extend superior support in meeting both front end and back end revenue cycle management activities in DME.

We provide task specific assistance in eligibility verification, prior auth, rejection management and accounts receivable recovery. Also, we take pride in a superb pool of DME billers and coders, well versed with all the leading practice management/ billing systems that are in use.

Powerful Solutions in DME Pre Billing

We provide a strong foundation, offer seamless support with DME insurance verification, prior authorization, order entry and confirmation unlike any other medical billing and collections company. Our ability to communicate with the doctor’s office and the patients for getting all the documents on time, defines us as a perfect RCM destination for our clients in the DME space.

A first pass rate of 97%, we help in streamlining the process of claims submission, bringing your pending accounts receivable bucket down with our tailored assistance in DME pre billing that transforms your cash flow in the best possible manner.

Our full range of DME billing services
♦ Order Entry
♦ Eligibility Verification and Authorization
♦ Doctor Office Follow-up
♦ Order Confirmation
♦ Scheduling of Delivery

Billing & Collections
♦ Creation of Claims
♦ Claims Submission & Rejections
♦ Cash Posting
♦ A/R Follow-up
♦ Rejection & Denial Management

We also have the niche ability to offer ultimate support with respiratory products, delivering CPAP compliance activities with calls to help patients maintain 70% Medicare usage mandates, after sales support.

Let our experts give you a demonstration on our DME pre billing activities and our a la carte as well as end to end billing approach, giving you complete transparency with cash flow and how we can complement your RCM priorities with our specialized intervention. Leverage the Sunknowledge opportunity right now and hire yourself a growth partner giving you a top class approach to managing your day to day front end / back end billing activities.

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