How To Enable Transparency in DME Billing Services

Staying up to date with the every changing dynamics of the DME billing landscape is a critical challenge. Rising costs in operations, shrinking reimbursement flow, rising expenses with training of staffs makes it quite an uphill task for many DME companies.

Managing the dme codes in medical billing with complete understanding of the Part B adjudication priorities is tricky. If you neglect the existing problems, things can turn out to be ugly in the long run. Ensuring higher reimbursements with transparency needs quality resources and experience.

Staying ahead with the DME billing guidelines 2020 and 2021 is possible with outsourcing. It gives a much needed clarity that defines you ROI goals in the best possible manner. At the end, all you need is someone helping you with all pre and post revenue cycle management efforts with consistency.

Most of the breaches usually start at the front desk. If you are able to handle the practice management efforts in DME billing right at the beginning, it will streamline your back end efforts and will streamline the same for improved reimbursements.

The Sunknowledge Assurance

Our collaboration efforts are top class and we begin with an objective to eliminate all fatal and non fatal errors with documentation. To obtain information from the insurance, physicians and your team, we collect, collate and analyze all the data for error free billing to fall in place.

At just $7 per hour, we optimize your ROI goals as a reliable operational extension. Also, we make sure that all activities are ensured as we work as your reliable 3rd party dme billing partner. Right from the start with order intake, eligibility checks and authorization, doctor’s office follow up, we drive your pre billing efforts like none other in the entire RCM space.

At the end, all you need is someone working as your partner and delivering it all on time, helping you focus on your patient care. We are working with billion dollar clients and that too with great conviction. Leverage the Sunknowledge opportunity and eliminate any practice management gaps once and for all.

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