The Prior Authorization Story in DME Billing

The demographic roadmap is quite favorable for the DME billing world. Manufacturers will be getting a congenial environment and the ones that match technology standards of today will be heading the momentum. The market is ready to grow big at a compound annual growth rate of 5.3%. It will be worth a 61 billion market by the end 2020.

The preference for home healthcare has also contributed to the rise of the use of DME products. Aging population over the age of 65 has increased and the number of insured people is also surging. The strong fundamental drives are well worth understanding but the complexities lurking ahead in the federal scenario can be quite challenging. Healthcare providers today need to be particular about their transparency of service prices. They would expert assistance on how they can manage their insurance claims in the right manner.

A quality medical billing partner that understands the prior authorization story in the DME market will be handy. In fact, someone that understands the claims adjudication priorities of the payers will be giving the right insights. What you will need is a partner that is expert in dealing with regular practice management priorities of a medical practice. Also, managing the prior authorization in DME billing will require effective third party intervention and a sound analysis for pending AR’s.

To improve your denial management, you will have to ensure precise checks and balances with a dynamic prior authorization process that is ideal in its flowchart. Electronic prior authorization has eased the process but you need competent resources to back it. The best ones in medical billing will complement the right value by providing best in class methods that will be easing the entire revenue cycle management process with a consistent prior authorization mandate in place.

Reducing time in first time PA requests is a constant pain area that has to be managed by a gen next medical billing partner understanding the dynamics in insurance claims processing. It is pertinent to look for a partner that provides a dedicated plan on how to reduce prior authorization expenditure for a medical practice. Finding a quality billing company that complies with patient security, provides consistency will be the need of the hour for a complete prior authorization in DME billing.


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