Surefire Secrets for Managing Prior Authorization for DME Billing

Managing practice management can be a hectic challenge for a DME provider these days. The complexities in the federal mandates and more emphasis on service price transparency imply that quality measures have to be in place with DME billing. Managing prior authorization in DME billing is a key asset for any provider today. A clear cut action plan for prompt and proactive eligibility verification and authorization is the need of the hour.

Finding a specialized medical billing company that understands the immediate mandate of the payers is going to be crucial. A quality billing partner will understand the real time requirements of the insurance companies in respect to claims adjudication requirements.

Moreover, a powerful medical billing company adds value by making efforts in reducing time in getting first prior authorization requests in place. Also, a good healthcare revenue cycle management company assesses the pain points in DME billing with clarity.

Security of patient information is hugely vital today. HIPAA compliance in the truest sense has to be applied within the claims submission methods. Reducing in-house billing costs and increasing collections is only possible with better denial management best practices.

A compliant company expert in DME billing will analyze the process loopholes and bring about the right balance. The company will combine expert resources with robust processes that will allow in finding a solution to pending accounts receivable in best proportions.

Another important attribute will be finding solutions by laying down the right checks and balances. Prior authorization costs are surging every day. At present, it is already a whopping 32 billion across the country. Hence, it is quite clear that a balance between better authorization and medical claims has to be sorted out in the right context.

Finding an expert medical billing company that addresses DME billing with comprehensive checks in prior authorization is an indispensable asset to have at present. The company should be working as a seamless operational extension that helps in providing more clarity and give an edge to the overall practice management process in DME billing.

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