Drive Your ROI with Superior Prior Authorization Support

According to a new survey conducted by the AMA, prior authorization contributes to almost 92% of the care delays leading to administrative inefficiencies and patient safety concerns. A synchronized effort to change the protocols and stringent requirements with prior authorization has to be looked after by the insurance companies. It can be a lengthy administrative nightmare of recurring work with paper, bureaucratic battles and several phone calls associated with the prior authorization process.

A one stop Prior Authorization expert

Almost, sixty four percent of healthcare providers reported to be waiting for one business day at least with 30% waiting for at least three business days. Nearly, seventy eight percent of the healthcare providers reported that it links to patients abandoning their treatment. Also, sixty one percent of providers believes that pre authorization contribute to negative health outcomes. 84% of the providers commented that pre authorization creates extremely high burden.

♦ It is pretty evident that tedious process with pre authorization leads to lack luster practice management standards. If you are looking to focus more on your patients, relieve your resources working for you to put more attention on care management efforts, leverage the Sunknowledge Services Inc advantage! We are a complete healthcare revenue cycle management company that eliminates all your pain points with our specialized support in prior authorization.

♦ As a dedicated extension of your operations, Sunknowledge Services Inc adds value by providing an excellent mechanism of back and forth information. We provide excellent assistance with gathering of procedural information, contacting with the payers, collection of additional information, updating the auth outcome in the PM/ billing system of the client.

Looking for more demonstration! We are happy to share with you, a complete idea on what difference we put across the table as your desirable prior authorization expert. Our team maintains all the avenues with back and forth sharing of information with the concerned departments. We are a seasoned healthcare revenue cycle management company that provides you the required flexibility! Partner with us , experience a smoother recovery of your cash by working as your perfect prior authorization destination.

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