Sunknowledge Stamps Its Authority as One of The Best Healthcare Outsourcing Company

Already a decade in the healthcare industry, Sun Knowledge can well be considered as one of the pioneer solution providers of medical billing and telemedicine services. The company has come a long way with its business vision of a “Client First” approach and has been a desired vendor for major healthcare providers and payers across the US.

In a recent report that focused on the state of the Global Healthcare market covering geographies like North America , Europe, China , South East Asia, Japan & India, the company shared it position with prominent industry participants in the ITES space namely First Source Solutions Ltd, Accretive Health, Tech Mahindra Ltd, Wipro & Tata Consultancy Services and others.

The research report discusses the demographic factors, the drivers, restraints for the industry across major countries. The report also talks about the market share; functional best practices that are helping the leading players gain momentum in the healthcare outsourcing space.

A 100% HIPAA compliant Healthcare Outsourcing Company

Confidentiality of patient information is one of the cornerstones of rendering effective services in healthcare revenue cycle management. Sun Knowledge follows an end to end model in its robust processes that are standardized and are 100% HIPAA compliant. The company shares its quality metrics with their prospects and clients by giving them a comprehensive insight on how they can eliminate proven pain points in securing quick and effective reimbursement.

Proven expertise in claims adjudication

Sun Knowledge takes pride in its competent team of medical billers that understand the current dynamics and the payer priorities. It is working with some of the leading payers in the US providing them effective consultative services in medical claims adjudication.

Healthcare providers complain about the skill set of their in-house resources and the lack of an innate understanding of payer requisites. Working with some of the notable payers helps Sun Knowledge stand ahead in the competition by winning over clients that require a team working as a perfect extension to their existing operations and simultaneously improve their claims processing efforts.

Guaranteed reduction of billing costs

Reducing billing costs with an end to end practice management support is one of the major value propositions of Sun Knowledge. They share relevant case studies, references of clients, a detailed playbook that helps providers make an easy decision.

Combining smart automation in processes with an expert team of medical billers, coders, Sun Knowledge guarantees an astounding billing cost reduction up to 70%! It also shares credible information and a clear process map with free accounts receivable analysis helping prospects realize the real time value they will be able to serve as a reliable healthcare outsourcing company.

Free trial and absence of any lock-up period

The best part of working with Sun Knowledge is the absence of any lock up during the entire engagement process. It also shares its resources with an open mind with prospects giving them a free trial that helps them understand the difference in having a specialized medical billing company as a genuine value addition.

Competitive solutions in telemedicine

The rise in home healthcare and aging patients is going to favor the market for telemedicine and the rise of remote patient monitoring devices. Preferring personalized care management services is the buzzword today. Sun Knowledge has incorporated the vision of some of the key platforms for telemedicine and remote patient monitoring that is helping clinics, providers reduce cumulative patient wait times. Also, physicians and patients are provided complete flexibility to share information in a virtual medium that is fast, well-connected and secure.


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