Streamlined Urgent Care Billing Connecting The Missing Gaps at Front Desk

Are your staffs asking all the pertinent questions when a new patient comes through the door? If you haven’t confirmed the present information before a patient leaves your clinic, the chances of securing this information for the later stages can be a difficult task.

  • Proper ensuring of coverage and combined with collecting copays is the way to receiving full payment. Patient follow up for missing information usually takes time as they are not in a hurry.
  • It can seriously slow your submission of claims as well as reimbursements.
  • As an urgent care center, all you need is to get paid for the services rendered and gain a serious advantage in the competitive landscape.

What is urgent care billing? How do you reduce your collections worries? Outsourcing of billing has become a genuine need for many healthcare providers across the urgent care space. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a dedicated vendor that can amplify your medical billing efforts in best proportions.

What defines Sunknowledge Urgent Care Billing Process

Over the last decade, our team of urgent care coding and billing experts understand what it takes to implement sound checks and balances. We have at present more than a 100 clients across the urgent care space and that too with excellent references.

  • The best part, we do it all at just $7 per hour which is the lowest in the market place.
  • We can immediately reduce your overall costs in operations by almost 80% with our actionable presence.
  • Find out what makes us unique in the world of urgent care billing.
  • We have top class credentials and understand what it takes to accelerate your reimbursements in best proportions with our specialized intervention in medical billing.

Speak to our experts on how we can optimize your financial performance with our streamlined urgent care billing. At these times of inflation, we make sure that none of your payments are late due to labor shortage. Our team defines your medical billing in the best possible manner.

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