Streamline Your DME Billing & Collections

Almost 25 % of all US hospital expenditure consists of administrative costs. The larger a physician network, the larger is the chance of incurring losses due to administrative processes. Almost 5 weekly patients are lost due to leakage in operations. Poor patient experience indeed causes nearly 65% of the patients to switch providers.

In a world of consumer-driven, value-based care, it is essential for healthcare providers to plan early and find a balance between managing patients and their billing with effective front/ back end RCM efforts.

The DMEPOS 2021 competitive bidding gap opens up opportunities for providers to make inroads in the market place. As a provider, it will be pertinent to have the right provisions in place and a clear action plan on how to increase DME billing & collections with streamlined support.

A lot of DME providers will be looking for actionable support from a specialized vendor that can offer complete assistance by working as an extension of their operations. Experienced resources are a must-have for the DME world who can expedite reimbursements, provide the right support in DME billing with trust & credibility.

Accelerate Your DME Billing & Collections with Sunknowledge

Currently working with both healthcare payers and providers, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a next-gen DME billing & collections destination. We have set benchmarks, offer tailored assistance in pre and post RCM activities, and deliver actionable support that accelerates cash flow for the best across the industry. Our team has the skill to offer support across any practice management system in use, provide a tangible model for improved ROI.

On a dedicated model of engagement, Sunknowledge offers services on a stand-alone as well as end to end basis, which means you can pick & choose from our services or instead opt for an integrated approach.

Our rates are placed at $7 per hour on a full-time engagement depending on the number of resources your hire ($1500 per resource every month that includes account management, full communication support).

We help you reduce your costs, take care of your front and back end RCM needs, which eliminates proven challenges in your billing, improving cash flow and simultaneously help you deliver value-based care with a hassle-free RCM experience! Sunknowledge is a complete healthcare services company and has been working as an operational extension for some of the best DME providers across the competitive landscape.

Our team offers customer service support, unmatched assistance with an action-driven approach with superior productivity metrics. We are unique as we provide you free transition support, understand your protocols, prepare a detailed process manual that is shared with you for feedback before the “ Go Live phase.” Let our experts share our best practices with you on what difference we bring to the table. We offer unmatched expertise in DME billing & collections.

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