Stand Alone/ End to End Medical Billing Services at The Best Prices: Sunknowledge Leads

Already a prominent healthcare services company, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been working with leading providers and payers. Currently, we are providing our tailored solutions in medical billing services to leading providers across more than 28 specialties.

Our biggest advantage is seamless communication standards, great account management support and business transition process. We believe in working as an extension of your operational practices and deliver customized solutions that better your cash flow in the best possible manner.

Task specific activities in Medical Billing Services

We perform a lot of activities with front end/ back end billing and provide all our services on an a la carte basis. Our team works as your perfect partner and are proficient across all major billing software, EMR solutions in the marketplace.

Also, we perform task specific functions in eligibility verification and authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery. We have no installation expenses and in fact we are also equipped to work in any of your proprietary billing systems that you are currently using.

As your reliable medical billing services partner, Sunknowledge Services Inc will be providing you flexibility, competency and will eliminate your challenges in securing consistent reimbursements. The reason, we are the best when it comes to offering you the freedom to choose any of our services.

While other medical billing services companies offer you an integrated action plan, we give you options to pick and choose any of our services. Our biggest advantage relies in the fact that we develop the right checks and balances during the transition period. We devise a process manual that helps in working in accordance to our client’s protocols.

Sunknowledge Services Inc will implement:

♦ Cutting-edge rapid automation technology
♦ Up to 97% collection rate
♦ Cost cutting benefits up to 70%
♦ Real-time eligibility checks & fast authorization
♦ Strong denial management
♦ Expert handling of aging accounts receivable
♦ 100% HIPAA-HITECH compliance
♦ Turnaround time less than 48 hours max.
♦ Low service fees with no hidden cost
♦ Zero lockup service contract that can be cancelled anytime
♦ Excellent references from reputed clients across the US
♦ Real-time audits and custom reporting
♦ Extensive payer-side experience (in claim adjudication)

Let us talk! Share with you, our functional best practices, implementation assistance model, and strong references across the industry. Once, you start leveraging benefits from our medical billing services, there will be no looking back!

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