How to Spot A Good DME Billing Partner

Managing DME Billing Challenges

The challenges encountered in DME billing are not very different from those in other kinds of medical billing. It is common knowledge that success in DME billing comes from being accurate and precise. Familiarity with payer norms (which vary widely from one insurance company to another), a penchant for meeting all payer requirements, and being quick to address all issues such as denials or reversals, are some of the crucial ingredients of success. Of course, one also needs to possess a good deal of proficiency in obtaining prior authorization for a prescribed device, in using the right codes for the prescribed devices and other such related matters.

In view of the above, DME providers often find it difficult to find adequately skilled or competent personnel to handle their billing tasks. Trained and experienced DME billing and coding personnel can often be hard to spot, especially during times such as these when there is an alarming scarcity of skilled labor in the market. Even if one manages to hire such people, keeping them in the organization can take a serious toll on the operational expenses.

In The Quest of Sustainable Assistance

Challenges such as these are compelling providers to engage external assistance in their billing affairs. Outsourcing of critical business operations such as billing and coding, collecting accounts receivable, provider customer care and so on, has become extremely common. In the context of DME billing, as one looks around, one will notice no dearth of billing service providers eager to start working. However, before one takes the leap and signs the contract, it is advisable to ensure that some critical boxes are checked.

One of the first things to look out for is the amount of experience that a prospective billing partner has in the actual area of your business. If DME is your area of business, it is always better to hire somebody with direct experience in DME billing. However, experience should not be the only yardstick to measure a wannabe partner’s worth by. One should also try to determine how much of proven expertise the company has. Testimonials left by past and current clients are a good way to discover that, along with any awards, recognition or accolades that the company may have received for their services.

Besides these, standard inquiries into pricing, accountability, reporting, migration protocol, termination of contract and other such aspects should be made, and carefully considered, before teaming up. It is worthy to remember that with the right choice, providers can gain tremendously, an outcome that is naturally forthcoming from a fruitful association with a professional partner.