How Labor Shortage is Driving up Medical Billing Expenses

Healthcare profit margins are at a higher risk with supply chain disruption and labor inflation. It is posing a serious risk with higher operational costs and threatening revenue loss for healthcare providers. Providers across the country are challenged by the nationwide labor shortage that has resulted in labor wage raises with increased cost of help which is temporary.

Many a facilities with skilled nursing, some behavioral health operators reported that meeting demands of patient care is becoming difficult with scarcity of workers. Lower costs in operating cash flows with insufficient staffing are slowing the rate at which they can recover from the significant pandemic induced deadlines.

It is difficult for a lot of healthcare facilities to find a team that can help in delivering actionable medical billing support. A lot of providers are exploring opportunities of partnering with medical billing service vendors that can help them address the piling accounts receivable bucket.

The Sunknowledge Excellence

Over the last fifteen years, we have earned a unique recognition of working with some of the largest healthcare providers across the country. Our references are top class, and we work with both providers and payers making us unique in the world of healthcare revenue cycle management.

Our capability of delivering actionable support to some of the largest providers of the country, across specialties makes us a next gen medical billing services company. We have reduced operational expenses by almost 70% with our versatile presence and ability to work as a reliable operational extension.

We deliver customized support according to our clients tailored needs and at just $7 per hour, the lowest in the competitive landscape. If you want to focus on your patients, leave your medical billing mandates to us. Our team will make sure that all your pending collections are recovered by our best agents.

We do it all at the front and the back end , offer streamlined support in checking of eligibilities, authorization , following up with the physician office, submitting the claims, medical coding, managing denials, A/R collections and payment posting. Also, we do several other additional support activities in after sales support, CPAP compliance that defines our 360 degree approach as a dynamic medical billing services company.

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