Sunknowledge Services Inc: A Serious DME Billing Company

Over 100 references in the DME space, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a prove service partner for all your DME billing needs. Currently, almost 50% of our business is involved with DME billing. We are a powerful practice management/ revenue cycle management partner for leading healthcare providers in the DME world. The biggest attribute of working with us will always be our expert assistance / action plan in DME billing that eliminates challenge areas in reimbursements with specialized intervention.

A Complete DME Billing Company

Already, we are working with big names, proficient across all billing software, billing platforms used in the marketplace. Also, we are particularly adept in handling all your requirements with pre billing, after sales support as well as CPAP compliance activities with patient counseling that translates to better collections. In fact, we go beyond the scope of just being a DME billing company and help you in eliminating pain areas with securing reimbursements.

To improve your cash flow, we define the areas that need immediate attention. Also, we are flexible and provide our services on an a la carte basis. Unlike other DME billing companies, we provide you with the best possible alternative of choosing one or more services from us that are your immediate priority rather than choosing an integrated plan of action.

Drive your revenue with stand alone/ End to End DME Billing

All our clients are able to achieve lower rates of denials with activities that are task specific. We also help in reducing days sales outstanding (DSO). Also, we are able to increase the net ratio of revenue collection, reduce days in order confirmation or bill orders.

Believing that time is money, our resources perform task specific activities that improve your overall cash flow and makes your DME billing and AR work more productive. We are perfectly equipped to handle areas like backlog accumulation, challenges with claims reconciliation, irregular posting of denials with frequent analysis.

Also, we perform a transaction audit for streamlining your DME billing process in the best possible manner. Leverage the Sunknowledge Services Inc opportunity in DME medical billing. We are your one stop destination for all needs with billing.

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