Are You in The Right Path with DME Prior Authorization?

It is true that more than ever the challenges in DME world with employee shortage are crippling the revenue earning possibilities. The biggest challenge at the moment is to find someone that can eliminate proven challenges in your revenue cycle by working as a reliable operational extension.

  • At the end of the day, you need someone that can help in your DME prior authorization process.
  • Reducing your overhead costs, working out a perfect plan that can drive your practice management priorities is the way ahead for many.
  • A quality RCM services partner understands what it takes to drive collections, creating the right avenues in DME prior authis the way forward.

It is going to make the job a lot easier than before. This is what you want at these testing times if you are struggling with your employee shortage challenges.

Sunknowledge Holds The Center Stage

Over the last decade, we have been an exceptional service provider of quality DME prior authorization services to some of the largest healthcare leaders in the HME /DME space. If you are challenged with employee shortages, want a genuine vendor that can transform your revenue earning possibilities, look no further than us.

We are currently working with the best in the DMEPOS space and have been delivering excellence over the last 12 years. With 99.99% accuracy, we make sure that all your DME prior authorization mandates by the best experts in the competitive landscape. We have more than 500 references and have a 24 TAT with any DME prior authorization requests.

Hire us right now if you want a serious transformation in your DME prior authorization process with us working as your dedicated operational extension. Our niche presence, capability of delivering competitive solutions in DME prior auth reduces operational costs by almost 80%. Get to know what makes us different in the entire market place.