Ride Your Business Growth with The Sunknowledge Advantage in DME Billing

As we see a definite need of more doctors looking to opt out of the traditional healthcare system, the exit of Obamacare is going to facilitate the development of a free market solution. It is quite true as we see men like Mark McDaniel talking more vocally about the negative impact of Affordable Care Act and how it forced primary care doctors become part of a large network of hospitals just to curb costs.

The present restoration process taken by the present Administration will act as a safeguard for soaring costs in patient care as it informs the patient and the market simultaneously. A normal patient will have unlimited access to care that is personalized as direct primary care will become more pertinent.

Sun Knowledge: Your answer to expert practice management/ revenue cycle management

One of the real time advantages of working with Sun Knowledge for your DME billing needs will be our understanding of modern processes; medical billing practices that will help you get effective reimbursements.

♦ As a practice now is the time to be more flexible and incorporate processes that will help you in facing the administrative hassles in the best possible manner.

♦ Sun Knowledge realizes the importance of enabling sound processes and perfect resources that champions your cause with best in class DME billing efforts.

♦ We are currently working with more than 100 clients in the DME billing space. Our excellent practice management/ revenue cycle management support will decrease your increasing billing costs by 70%.

♦ Also, our team will accelerate your prior authorization process and improve your denial management efforts. Also, we will guarantee you collections of over 97% with our seamless processes and dynamic pool of resource in DME billing.

Get in touch with Sun Knowledge and access a dedicated team of DME billers ready to work for you at just $ 8 per hour. We are just a call away from you and a partnership that will be promising and financially viable!

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