Revisit Your Operational Costs with The Sunknowledge Edge

The speculations ahead with the tax reform bill are surely going to impact Medicare. The statements made clear that entitlement reforms and Medicaid cuts are also likely. Instituting structural changes that reduce spending is going to be the norm ahead for Medicare and Medicaid. Simply put, United States government will be cutting taxes that can potentially increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion. For Medicare, the first cuts are likely to be in the range of $25 billion starting in 2018 fiscal year.

♦ It is evident; doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare providers will be directly affected as Medicare and Medicaid are surely going to set a bandwidth with reimbursements.

♦ Hence, as a provider, if you are looking to cut down on your medical billing expenses, it is imperative that you plan early and find the right processes; resources that can help you secure reimbursements quick and in a transparent manner.

♦ Finding yourself a prominent healthcare revenue cycle management company that understands the modern open market ambiance and delivers you tailored support will be extremely important for your business.

Also, minimum wages are at an all-time high with medical billers being paid $15-$17 per hour. Partnering with a revenue cycle company that understands payer priorities and delivers you cutting edge support in medical billing by combining excellent processes with expert resources will be a viable option!

Sunknowledge: Your one-stop Medical Billing Destination

Over the last 10 years, Sun Knowledge has been successful in its delivery of customized practice management/ revenue cycle management solutions to leading providers across diverse specialties.

♦ We are currently partners with large hospital networks, urgent care centers, DME providers, specialty pharmacies, drug abuse and detox centers, nursing homes, primary care practices and many more!

♦ The unique advantage that we bring to the table alongside our understanding of best practices of the industry is conclusive account management support with seamless communication standards.

♦ We are flexible and proficient in using any practice management and billing software. Presently, you can utilize a full-time medical biller from Sun Knowledge for just $7 per hour which is much lower than the minimum wages standards.

♦ Sun Knowledge takes pride in its streamlined processes and dynamic pool of medical billers, coders that will be working as your reliable operational extension.

♦ We will provide our specialized intervention and will eliminate pain areas with our disciplined plan of action.

♦ Right from proactive eligibility verification and prior authorization support, claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable recovery, payment posting, we provide you 360-degree assistance. Sunknowledge ensures 80% reduction of your operational costs and will be guaranteeing collections of over 97%.

We are the only medical billing company that has a proprietary telemedicine platform. Alongside our 100% RCM assistance, we will be providing you free telemedicine support with our dedicated platforms that will reduce your care management costs, increase your patient inflow.

Our daily/weekly/monthly customized reporting standards, dedicated account managers for complete information sharing will be revamping your financial credentials in the best possible manner. We do not do any write-offs or adjustments unless it approved by you.

Our experts are just a call away! Let Sunknowledge be your medical billing partner and transform your reimbursements helping you build a better financial future and focus on your core priorities of patient care.

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