Enhance Your Reimbursements in Hospital Accounts Receivable

Increasing speed with recovery and improving efficiency in your overall process of hospital accounts receivable collections is what you are aiming for. Ultimately all that you want is to focus on quality patient care without compromising on your payments.

As the pandemic slowly begins to ease, a lot of companies are planning a new combination of onsite and remote model of workforce. The hybrid virtual model actually gives a larger access to latent with tested increase in productivity standards. Flexibility, lower costs are encouraging signs. Improved employee experience is also something that cannot be understated.

The healthcare industry is no exception. With remote work , it widens the horizons of looking for remote resources. It can be confusing and finding someone that offers dedicated support can be difficult to get to! However short staffing challenges seems to be a major worry for many hospitals. A quality hospital accounts receivable partner will deliver what you need the most, focusing on better patient engagement rather than worrying about patients.

Your Challenges Ends with Sunknowledge

Sunknowledge Services is a powerful hospital accounts receivable services company. Over the last fifteen years, we have earned a competitive edge by working for both in the payer and provider side of the healthcare business.

We have been involved in hospital AR & Collections related activities for several hospitals. The activities included contacting payers regarding status of submitted claims and following up on denials, under payments and appeals.

The activities require our team to have an extensive understanding of the claims form (UB-04) and the various intricacies of billing clean claims. Intuitive research is needed before pursuing the claims with various payers. It also involves assessing guidelines followed by payers for authorization, timely filing, non-contracted providers, per diem rates, case rates, DRG etc.

We are presently working with major health insurance companies helping them in claims adjudication services for multiple hospitals.

At 1% of collections, Sunknowledge ensures:

  • Proficient handling of accounts receivable by highly experienced staff
  • Excellent expertise in working on difficult-to-recover aging A/R
  • Equal attention to every cash amount regardless of its size or source
  • Over 1a decade of in claims adjudication serving major insurance plans
  • Increase in revenue collections by 30 to 40%
  • Lowering your operational costs by 80%

Speak to our team and come to know what it takes to amplify your earnings. We have been setting the benchmark in hospital accounts receivable for the best in the business. Get to know what makes us a powerhouse in the field.