Radiology Billing: The Sunknowledge Services Advantage

Versatility and competency across all major practice management/billing software, highly scalable and robust infrastructure, state of the art technology and excellent disaster management mechanisms helps us in delivering cutting edge support. That the Sunknowledge trust in radiology billing. We believe in working as an extension of your operations.

We implement collaborative approach, unique implementation and methodology in process transition; developed over the years by effective liaison with major healthcare providers, Sun Knowledge services Inc. has the perfect plan in radiology billing.

We will try to showcase a best practices approach of one of our clients working in diagnostic radiology. Our team successfully helped the client, a leading healthcare provider in Indiana, contracted with Medicare and Medicaid. Also, commercial contracts with Aetna, BCBS, Cigna and UHG etc. The key services provided by them are Ultrasound, and X-ray, Diagnostic imaging exams, Mammography, Nuclear medicine.

The challenge area:
♦ Lack of adequate staffing
♦ Delayed submission of authorization
♦ Absence of proper follow-up
♦ Non-trained staff
♦ Operation reports lacking
♦ focus to give clarity on day to day activity
♦ full visibility on each authorization submitted,
♦ lack of call reference no. on approval for validation

It leads to reduced authorization approval, inadequate data to support management’s decision making. Also, it resulted in poor visibility & reduced strategic directives. The resolution offered by Sunknowledge Services Inc initially started by performing the transition process to be performed in phases. The workflow involving the prior authorization process involved:

♦ Hiring, training, and setting up of required IT infrastructure
♦ Regular feedback and collaboration sessions
♦ Creation of tools to improve productivity
♦ Daily reporting mechanism
♦ Identification of areas of improvement
♦ Process calibration and realignment
♦ Transparent operational and management reports

The engagement impact

REDUCED AUTHORIZATION DENIAL: Creating a system by which we are able to track the denials from the insurance companies to enforce corrective actions on future authorization requests.

PROCESS STABILITY: Achieved consistent and better productivity; and higher accuracy through the application of an improvement methodology
We are ready to share with you, our best practices. Our experts can guide you to a complete advantage in radiology billing.

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