Sunknowledge: Your Guide to Quality Prior Authorization Services

Prior authorization challenges are many especially with administrative hassles that any practice faces, deviates them from their care management priorities. Facts clearly suggest that almost 70% PA’s are denied due to lackluster approach and understanding of verification and authorization mandates. It ultimately costs a practice dearly as figures suggest that on an average prior authorization annually costs a whopping 32 billion to the healthcare industry!

♦ It is true that prior authorization had been primarily devised to serve as a safeguard for the patients against drug abuse and exploitation.

♦ However, the lack of proper communication between the payer and the provider costs the patient dearly as they face numerous challenges with delay in treatment as well as prescription abandonment.

♦ Hence, it is well understood that a streamlined prior authorization process will be a must if you are looking to gain edge with superior practice management standards.

Why will you choose Sun Knowledge?

As a dedicated revenue cycle management company, Sun Knowledge has been clinical in providing cutting edge medical billing support to leading specialties across a diverse range.

♦ We take pride in our state of the art processes and expert pool of resources that understand modern claims adjudication mandates of the industry.

♦ We are the only company that is currently working with both payers and providers.

♦ It gives us the competitive advantage to handle all your prior authorization needs better than anyone else across the industry.

We have developed our own proprietary platform “PriorAuth Online” that helps in streamlining your prior authorization process in the best possible manner. Right from gathering of information, contacting the payer, initiating auth requests and predetermination, updating the auth details in the client’s billing system, scheduling and contacting the ordering physician, pharmacy for drug delivery; we are your one stop destination!

We work as your desired operational extension

Sun Knowledge will be working as your seamless operational extension and will lay down the right checks and balances bettering your denial management efforts in the long run.

♦ At present, Sun Knowledge is offering complete support in prior authorization services for as low as $5 per auth!

♦ We assure you that once you start working with us; there will be no looking back. Our team will handle all your practice management nuances and will provide you proactive prior authorization support that is simple.

♦ As reiterated, our additional services include denial management, accounts receivable recovery; customer support and end to end medical billing that will improve your reimbursements and help you focus on your patients while we take care of your billing needs.

♦ We guarantee you a billing cost reduction of 80% and will be ensuring a collection increase of 97%.

Get in touch with Sun Knowledge experts and learn how we implement our functional best practices, cutting edge processes, specialized skill set in prior authorization services that will improve your overall operational performance. At the end, Sun Knowledge offers superior account management support and complete transparency that eliminates your pain areas in practice management/ revenue cycle management.

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