Sunknowledge Services: Solution for Complex Physician Prior Authorization

It is no secret that the Prior authorization is “indefensible” and an authorization’s requirements are a primary driver of physician burnout. According to a survey done by the American Medical Association, there has been a significant increase in the burden of obtaining a Prior Authorization, as each physician requires 14.6 hours on a weekly basis only dedicated to completing the physician’s Prior Authorization workload. Affecting affect the autonomy of physicians and their ability to do what is right for their patients, majority of physicians perceive the Prior Authorization processes to have a negative impact on medical practice. In fact, a survey has also stated that 90% believed that physicians prior authorization can cause a significant negative impact on clinical outcomes for patients as well.

With 77% of the providers in the survey conducted or gave their view on Prior Authorization processes have compromised the total time spent on patient care and stood as a barrier to trying new therapies, it further portrayed as Physicians feeling obliged to insurance companies and may have constant apprehension that what they perceive as an important service would not be covered as well.
Being a complex area today and with the rising healthcare cost, increasing authorization expert’s wages etc the authorization here gets further challenging. This is where Sunknowledge Services Inc fits in.

A Perfect Balance For a Physician Prior Authorization Solution

Maintaining the continuity of core prior authorization processes seamlessly which includes 100% authorization submission on the same day, Sunknowledge experts help to sustain a business and gives it the fuel to continue functioning smoothly as well as efficiently.

Maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate reducing the chances of denial and errors, we further assured 97% highest collection rate within the first 30 days from the date of the billing itself. Reducing your complete operational cost reduction by 80%; our experts further take the complete responsibility of authorization initiation, approval as well as follow up.

In fact today, our excellent solution for physician prior authorization and our highest productivity have gained us not only 100s of clientele but also excellent industry references across the whole of U.S.

Being a complete HIPAA compliance, improving your workflow by utilizing effective tracking tools, our experts further ensures:
Quick turnaround time
High level of accuracy
Proactive approach to the task of cash recovery
Extensive follow-up measures till resolution
Detailed customized reporting with suggestions for actions to be taken

For more information on how we can make a difference to your authorization productivity, get in touch with our experts, we are waiting to hear from you.

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