Sunknowledge Services Inc: The Perfect Key To All Infusion Billing Services

Providing innovative healthcare services at the doorsteps, infusion service is generally used when the patient’s condition is very severe and cannot be cured through oral medication. With diseases like cancer and cancer-related pain, dehydration, congestive heart failure, gastrointestinal disorder, multiple sclerosis, all fall under infusion therapy services. Being safe, effective, and less costly as compared to the patient treatment in the hospital, an infusion service is efficiently putting up with the patients’ requirements.

With the growing demand for the infusion services due to increase in the elderly population, favorable reimbursement policies from public and private firms, initiatives for environmental protection, privatization of environmental testing services, etc. , the infusion service market is here to grow in years to come. However, lack of skilled billers in the few hospital and areas, irregularity in the functioning of the infusion device, and misguided use of infusion service in the authorization process are, at times, the reason that creates an obstacle in the infusion billing service. This is why Sunknowledge Services is here to help.

Sunknowledge Services Inc. The Perfect Destination for All Infusion Billing Services:

With the out of the box ability in providing customized billing solutions to more than 20 specialties, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the one-stop billing and collection platform. Taking complete responsibility of all infusion billing services activities, including order entry, eligibility verification, prior authorization to the scheduling of delivery. Even infusion billing services activities like claims and rejection management, payment posting, account receivable, and denial management all are taken care of Sunknowledge experts with an 80% reduction in clients’ operational cost.

Today with more than 100’s of satisfied clients, our team is known for:
♦ Operational transparency with no extra hidden charges
♦ Highest productivity metrics at a low cost
♦ Highest first pass collection rate of 97%
♦ Robust reporting according to the clients’ protocol (daily / weekly/ monthly )
99.9% accuracy rate
♦ Excellent industry credentials

With Sunknowledge Services experts by your side for all your infusion billing services as an operational extension partner, you not only can focus more on other important work like patient care but will also experience seamless billing operation and effective revenue generation. So leverage our services and get the flawless infusion billing services that you have always desired for. We are just a call away!

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