Outsourcing is The New Normal for Efficient Cash Flow for Your Medical Billing Process

As the country continues with the pandemic crisis, today more than 90% of healthcare practices are seen outsourcing their medical billing services for a better opportunity in dealing with patient care management, efficient cash flow and billing operations; especially when working from home is the new norm.

As there are still a few percentages of the healthcare providers that are seen confused about whether outsourcing or choosing between in-housing will be a better option for their practice, here are a few reasons that might help them decide.

Problems faced by in-house billers and coders and its solution:

Today, the pandemic crisis has not only created a lot of pressure for the American healthcare workforce but lack of protective gear and economic crisis has resulted in laying off, furloughed or even reduction in the working hour by many healthcare practices across the nation at the very moment when they need the billing support the most. Furthermore, the work from the home facility often lead issues related to HIPAA compliance, leaving healthcare provider worried. This is where outsourcing can help. In fact, it is the perfect time to consider outsourcing your medical billing services.

As you face the constant changes and challenges affecting your practice during the pandemic, having an experienced medical billing and coding company by your side not only helps with faster billing operation and reimbursements but also reduces the rate of denial and rejection of claims with a complete 100% HIPAA compliance.

How Sunknowledge as an outsourcing RCM organization can help?

Helping you focus on patient care, Sunknowledge Services Inc ensures a 100% HIPAA compliance billing and coding services. Starting from correct data entry, eligibility verification, authorization, doctor office follow – up, our experts excel in resolving all your accumulate claim submission while ensuring an efficient revenue generation.

Ensuring the highest productivity metrics and the highest collection rate that match or exceed the output of your in house billers, Sunknowledge experts are known for offering seamless billing operations for more than 15 years.

Having a track record of 99.9% accuracy rate with a complete HIPAA compliance and benefits like robust reporting according to the client protocol; we are, in fact, the talk of the industry today.

What Makes us Different or Why us?

Resolving all the billing and coding gaps faster and efficiently, we are also known for our:

♦ Highest productivity metrics in the market
75% operational cost reduction
♦ Highest productivity metrics in the market
30% reduction in your AR bucket
♦ No cost dedicated account managers and continuous follow-up
♦ We are equally proficient working in different billing software like Kareo, Futura, Brightree and many more
♦ With more than 100s of excellent industry references, we also excel in reducing the rate of claims rejection and denial.

If you are new in outsourcing and looking for a seamless billing operation and solution for cash flow, you can also try leveraging our 30 days free trial for your medical billing practices.

With more than 100s of satisfied clients plus a track record of no loss of client during this pandemic and a no binding contract, we are definitely worth a try.

For more information, get in touch with our experts over a ‘no commitment call’.

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