Sunknowledge Services Inc The Next-gen RCM Solution for Your HME Billing Process

According to the Market report, today the revenue cycle outsourcing market is expected to grow from $ 11.7 billion in 2017 to $ 23 billion by the end of the period with a CAGR growth of 11.9 by 2023. This is because today the market sees revenue cycle management as a reasonable solution in the rising cost and rising administrative burden era. Furthermore, providers find outsourcing the complete revenue cycle management today helps healthcare organizations further in improving KPIs.

In fact today many healthcare practices are seen recognizing the benefits of outsourcing and hence healthcare practices are seen outsourcing their practices even more. As it not only for the struggling providers but also for every healthcare provider who is looking to identify and implement improvements for better revenue capture and collection. But the question comes, whom to outsourcing from.

Sunknowledge Services the next-gen RCM solution:

Catering to all your DME, orthotics, prosthetics, HME medical billing needs, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the only RCM organization catering to complete pre and post HME medical billing services; primarily focusing on pre-billing activities.

Taking care of your complete HME medical billing process by taking care of

  • data entry – entering all the information of patients, providers, insurance, items, etc correctly
  • Eligibility verification for the orthotics billing process which is assisted by expert billers through online as well as calling
  • Faster Prior authorization with patients calling and doctor’s office follow up for relevant documentation that needed for the process
  • Re-authorization when necessary
  • Confirmation of all the order
  • Scheduling of the delivery

Sunknowledge team of expert also works on 

  • Claims management starting from timely claims submission, continuous follow-up, etc
  • Rejection management
  • Payment posting auto with and without audit as well as manual
  • Account receivable follow-up
  • Account receivable and denial management

Helping you with 80% operational cost reduction and eliminating all the unnecessary costs of the billers and coders like their training session, giving them constant education on coding; Sunknowledge today not only known for its highest collection rate but also seamless HME medical billing tractions.

Helping you with reduced errors in the claims process with timely claims submission and constant follow-up, our experts ensure stringent checks and balances maintain a 99.9% accuracy rate as well.

Helping you with a cost -ffective billing process at $7 per hour, we today are one of the leading RCM solutions across the US.

In fact partnering with us further give you additional benefit on:

  • Helping many leading names of the industry, Sunknowledge Services Inc today has further advantages like:
  • Yearly Maintenance of compliance
  • Top of line Infrastructure setup to protect against any malicious threat to PHI.
  • Liability insurance of 3million dollar coverage with up to 1 million dollar coverage per incident
  • Dedicated resources with US phone numbers accessible during all US working days
  • Free Dedicated Account Managers for all our clients
  • Free account
  • Free internal auditors assigned.
  • Proficiency in different billing software including Brightree, Future, DME works, OPIE, Kareo, CPR +, and many more
  • Reduction in your billing and coding errors and 30% reduction in your Account Receivable bucket as well
  • Free Setup of accounts and transition.
  • Free IT infrastructure setup (Phone lines, VPN setup, FTP server, etc.)
  • No binding contract

For more information on how our experts can help you with a seamless HME medical billing process that will help you with continuous cash flow and seamless billing process, get in touch with our experts. We are just a call away!

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