Medical Billing – How Sunknowledge Services Makes the Difference to Your Practice

It’s not only you! You are just one the numerous healthcare providers across the country who are suffering from the medical billing woes rising out from various reasons like regulatory changes and process deficiencies. First, let check out the general medical billing issues that are observed widely across the healthcare domain:

? Coding issues
? Unbundling
? Balance billing
? Duplicate billing
? Use of wrong diagnosis code
? Incorrect patient and diagnosis information

A quick classification of how the healthcare and medical providers will present these ills that plaguing the medical billing scenario:

Issues: Missing information, key-in errors, increased turnaround time, eligibility verification inefficiency, secondary verification misses, improper documentation, etc.

Challenges: All or most of the above issues are the offshoot of a common problem – the shortage of staffs and consequent overworking of the executives. Add to it, the lack of regular training of the staffs due to the huge training costs involved. All kind of healthcare practices have to embrace digitisation in order to improve their operational systems. It improves organisation which in turn helps to cut costs and save time.

Key Reasons: Most healthcare practices, especially urgent care centers, physicians’ offices, etc. run on a low margin. No wonder, they cannot afford a huge size of staff due to several reasons like high wages, infrastructure issues, etc. These workers are overburdened with patient care as well as back office duties. They are unable to keep up with the continuous changes and updates resulting from regulatory and market changes like withdrawal ACA subsidies, Final Rule, and more. Areas of specializations like coding and follow-up protocols get ignored due to unavailability of skilled specialists. All these result in committing unforced errors in various stages of the medical billing processing. These lead to denials and rejections and subsequent loss of revenue and patient woes, which further damages the practices’ situations.

Sunknowledge Solution: Sunknowledge Services Inc. has curved a niche in the healthcare industry as soon as it stepped into it in 2007. It’s been more than a decade now, Sunknowledge Services Inc. with its exceptional commitment to customer service and constant self-upgrading has been able to standout through the test of times. It is the best medical billing service to provide an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution, completely automated and looked after by dedicated account managers. The services offered are designed in the most flexible ways keeping in mind the budget and platform sensitivity of each and every practice. We offer an array of standalone services like RCM, practice management, prior authorization, eligibly verification, AR management, and more making it easy for companies with low budget and limited requirement. We have the capability of working in the manual as well as electronic modes, in-premise processing, and through remote accessibility. Sunknowledge Services Inc. is not only bounded with usual services but is now well hailed as a company to provide the best Telemedicine franchise.

Here is a snapshot of the Sunknowledge Services Inc. advantages:

? 80% Reduction in Billing Costs
? Dedicated account manager
? Low fee standalone services at $7 per hour
? 99% accuracy
? Increased revenue collection up to 97%
? Unsurpassed speed
? No binding contracts
? 100s of clients with excellent references
? 100% HIPAA Compliance
? Fully supported by Hiscox Insurance up to $1 million covered from the errors of omission and commission
? 100% client retention
? Daily/Weekly/Monthly customized reports
? Clients’ legal issues handled by Nixon Peabody
? Free telemedicine platform

Sunknowledge Service’s contribution to the healthcare industry is apparent in the rave reviews and testimonials from the clients. Sunknowledge Services Inc. works with the biggest urgent care centers, DME companies, etc. and has been their constant partner. Join the bandwagon; we have services customized for you!

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