Sunknowledge Services Inc: The Master of HME Billing

By the year 2026, the global medical billing outsourcing market is projected to reach $19.7 billion, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 11.8 percent. Moreover, reports have also stated that the front end services controlled the global medical billing outsourcing market last year itself while the end services are expected to experience the highest compound annual growth rate of 12.4 percent and even more till 2026.

According to a report of Grand View Research, the rising challenges like multiple payers, ever-changing medical codes representation complex billing regulations as well as large practices consolidate is one of the reasons why more and more healthcare practices are opting out for outsourcing services.

In fact, the global medical billing outsourcing market is expected to increase in years to come especially for all the above medical billing complications. This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help you being the perfect operational extension for all your HME billing problems.

Why Sunknowledge Services is the only solution for all complex HME Billing Problems:

Updating itself with all the complex billing codes, ever-changing billing regulation, Sunknowledge Services Inc not only ensure in closing all the billing gaps faster but also efficiently.

In fact, by partnering with us, you can leverage our services as we ensure:

Proper documentation – acquiring the necessary documentation needed for the procedure, our experts ensure the doctor’s office follow-up directly, which many other RCM lacks.

Experienced billers and coders – with a team of specialized and certified coders and experienced billers who are equally proficient and updated with recent industry mandates as well as procedures to each payer’s requirements and even with different billing software like Brightree, Kareo, DME works, Futura, team DME etc, we not only reduces your chances of errors but also claims being denied or rejected.

Complete operational transparency– maintaining 100% HIPAA compliance, our experts offering complete operational transparency provides customized reporting according to the client’s protocol, giving them a clear picture of the process.

Highest productivity metrics in the market – eliminating all the unnecessary spending and saves your time and work on reworks, errors etc, our experts today are not only known for reducing 80% of the operational cost for all our clients but also for the highest productivity metrics in the market.

So if you are looking for improvement in your HME billing process along with a faster reimbursement rate with lesser billing and coding errors, Sunknowledge services Inc is the perfect destination with more than 100 clientele list and excellent industry references.

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