A Faster and Efficient Infusion Prior authorization With Sunknowledge Services Inc

Being one of the time taking and complex processes, an infusion prior authorization process requires a lot of scurrility, proper process knowledge, and being completely up to date with present medical billing/ authorization rules and regulations; which is quite challenging.

Today with the changing regulation which more than 50% of people are unaware of like CMS has finalizing a new rule to allow payers, providers, and patients to have electronic access to pending and active prior authorization ( PA ) decisions is something most healthcare practices are still unaware of. This is where Sunknowledge Services Inc fits in.

The Ideal Authorization Destination for Your Infusion Prior authorization:

Helping in closing all the prior authorization gaps faster and efficiently, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is one of the leading RCM organization that ensures the highest productivity metrics at the cheapest rate at $7 per hour.

Working for more than 10 years with both payor and providers have left us with a track record of 99.9% accuracy rate reducing your chances of errors and so rejection and claims denial; which further increases your overall collection rate to 97% from the date of billing with the first 30 days itself; which is the highest in the industry.

With Sunknowledge Services Inc for your infusion prior authorization services, we ensure you with complete operational transparency and customized reporting helping you get the right information about your authorization status.

Primarily focusing specially on the front end management; our experts further helps you saving you not only time but also money.

In fact, partnering with us, our experts take complete care of all the authorization services like:

Gathering all the vital information from patient, provider as well as order information
Check the patient’s eligibility
Communicate and validate prior auth request with the payers
Initiate Prior Authorization requests as per the payer protocols
Follow up with payer for checking the auth status
Follow up with ordering physician for the additional documents as requested by the payer
Provide the additional information as requested by the payer
Update the auth outcome in the billing system

S0 if you are looking to enhance your infusion prior authorization services within no time, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the perfect destination within your reach with excellent industry references across the US.

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