Improve Your Infusion Billing Checklist with Sunknowledge Services Inc

With the end of 2020 are you still struggling with issues in your infusion billing, then there are some serious pointer that you as a healthcare practice you need to ask yourself regarding your infusion billing services like:

Are you suffering from common billing and coding errors like incorrect coders or modifiers?
In a medical billing practices, inputting incorrect coders or modifiers are one of the common mistake that every healthcare practice often suffer from.

Do you have a proper collection and follow-ups method for your infusion billing services?
As follow-up plays a vital role in the collection process so that pressure can be given on high dollar on achieving it. In fact, continuous follow-up is also one of the key to unsolved claims.

Is your data entry information correctly managed?
As data entry plays a very vital role in gaining a seamless billing process, a proper and correct data management process is the essential first step towards your seamless revenue cycle management. Since incorrect data leads to backlogs, billing delays and also delays in the reimbursement process as a whole.

This is why you need a team of experts that not only enter all payer and insurance ID numbers correctly but also capture patients’ date-of-birth and diagnoses accurately and Sunknowledge Services Inc is one of the RCM organization that excel in doing so.

Taking care of your complete pre and post infusion billing services, our experts starting from ensuring proper data entry to complex authorization process, eligibility verification, claims and denial management, take complete responsibility at a service charge rate of only $7 per hour. With an 80% reduction in your operational cost while maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate, our expert further helps you with a 30% reduction in your AR bucket while ensuring the highest collection rate.

In fact partnering with us further offers benefits like:

Liability insurance coverage of $1/3 million from Geico / Hiscox for any errors of Omission and Commissions
Customized reporting according to client’s protocol
Proper attention is given to every size or source
No binding contract

So if you are looking for a seamless infusion billing service or ready to discuss your end-of-year home infusion billing checklist with one of our experts, we are just a call away!

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