The ideal way to fight inflation in the HME billing world

A lot of companies are trying to hold on to employees and at the same time prices are rising sharply. A lot of the respective factors are contributing quite sharply to the existing inflation. There is acute shortage of materials around and simultaneously a tight labor market is pushing the wages up.

Average hourly earnings among the private sector workers almost rose by 4.6% during the month of September. Employers are already advertising a minimum wage of $15 per hour while employees are leaving if they aren’t assured a minimum wage of $18 or $20 per hour.

All of it is surely creating a huge confusion and the healthcare industry is no exception. HME companies and suppliers are also crippled with shortage of labor and finding quality resources that can improve their revenue cycle management performance. What you need is a consistent partner that can drive your HME billing efforts in the right vein.

Sunknowledge: The Best bet During Inflation

If you are seriously challenged with your revenue cycle, partner with a reliable partner that can elevate your resource management possibilities. We have reduced operational expenses by 80% with our stand out presence.

Our niche presence, versatility across multiple practice management systems makes us a complete HME billing destination. With over 100’s of clients in the HME space, our team will elevate your practice management efforts. We have eliminated practice management gaps for the largest names in the HME space.

Work with our experts, hire our resources at just $7 per hour and let us work as an extension of your operations. We have a no lock up policy and in no way we are looking to take away the jobs of your employees! We want to help you at these difficult times and will increase or decrease staffs according to your demands and customization.

Speak to our team and learn how we deliver actionable support. Our ability to work as a comprehensive partner makes us a dedicated partner. Only we can offer such experienced resources at such affordable rates at these testing times!

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