How To Induce Sound Measures in HME Billing

On December 1, CMS announced a surge of 9.1% for competitive bid DMEPOS items in non competitive bidding areas and a 6.4% increase in bid items in former CBA’s for calendar year 2023. Non bid items will be receiving an increase of 8.7%.

CMS hopes that this will help the suppliers of HME and DME items who were suffering from rising operational and product costs. A quality HME billing company can actually help you stand a competitive advantage during these testing times.

All you want is someone that knows how to deliver excellent front and back end support that defines your reimbursements in the long run. The need of the hour is to work with someone that streamlined your ROI by working as a defined operational extension. You need the able assistance of a quality HME billing that can help in focusing on your patients a lot better.

The Ability of Sunknowledge

Over the last few years, we have been a trusted vendor that delivers competitive support in HME billing and have strong references from all. Moreover, we have eliminated proven pain points for some of the best in the business with our niche presence across major States.

Our team understands all the pre requisites of Medicare and Medicaid Part B requirements. We have unmatched versatility, great confidence in developing best practices that creates a holistic presence. We have a robust presence and nearly all leading HME suppliers of the country trust us for our exceptional ability to work as an operational extension.

Partner with us at these times of inconvenience. We will transform your flow of cash with our specialized presence. Get to know why we are hailed as one of the best in the business. We have strong references, great versatility of working as a strong HME billing partner.