Sunknowledge Improves Your DME Billing Experience

One of the key attributes of working with Sun Knowledge is its experience of working with both payers and providers. We are a powerful revenue cycle management company that is an expert in claims adjudication process.

We understand your claims better than anyone else and provide you with the needed transparency and credibility. If you are looking for a partner that can transform your DME billing, Sun Knowledge will be your ideal partner. Over the years, we have successfully incorporated best practices that help us in elevating practice management/ revenue cycle management experience.

The best when it comes to references

We are currently working with over 100 clients and have exclusive references from top notch industry peers. Our clients speak volumes about the difference we bring over the table and you can count on our years of experience in handling major accounts in DME with admirable success.

Right from a streamlined eligibility verification and authorization process to accounts receivable recovery, denial management, collections and payment posting, we provide you with an end to end support program.

Reduce your billing costs

Our excellent process management methods will demystify the challenges you face with your regular DME billing priorities. We will make sure that you are up to the mark with your processes and will better your claims submission process in the best possible manner. Sun Knowledge guarantees a billing cost reduction of 70%. Our team will lay down the right checks and balances that will better your denial management attributes.

Extensive Accounts Receivable Recovery Assistance

We ensure you a collection of over 97% with powerful accounts receivable recovery plan of action. Our team will introduce a streamlined approach that will help you in getting reimbursements from your aging accounts.

Also, we will make sure that all write offs or adjustments requests are done only after your approve them. Customized reports will be sent to you on a daily basis that will help you make a periodic assessment.

Partner with Sun Knowledge if you are in serious need to revamp your DME billing. We are a next gen medical billing company that believes in delivering you strong results without compromising on quality. You can avail a DME biller of Sunknowledge for as low as $7 per hour for a full time engagement.


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