How To Improve Billing For Orthotics

A supplier of any orthotics items which is not OTS orthotic has to be in compliance with Appendix C of the quality standards of DMEPOS product line. It specifies that a supplier has to have specific education experience and training in fitting with prior certification and licensing. It is important to note that the two codes in HCPCS must describe a prefabricated orthotic product in particular, one code when the device is a furnished OTS and also a second code with the device furnished with custom fitting. It is evident that to stay ahead with your Orthotics billing, one must deploy consistent approach that eliminates any practice management errors at the onset.

At the end of the day, what you need is someone acting as a catalyst to improve your patient care, eliminate any front end worries that can become a looming challenge with serious shortage of supply of quality labor all around the country.

The Sunknowledge Opportunity

Over the years, our ability to work as your ultimate RCM guide has improved. We are confident on doing it all that can transform your orthotics billing efforts. Our niche presence, capability of handling all practice management systems makes us a competent healthcare revenue cycle management services company. We at present, deliver our support to more than a 100 clients all across the Orthotics and Prosthetics space.

Presently, we offer our all inclusive Orthotics billing services at just $7 per hour. Our ability to extend the right customization makes us a desired partner for the largest names in the Orthotics and Prosthetics space. We have reduced operational expenses by almost 70% with our specialized presence. We have evolved our best practices to mobilize your credentials as a supplier of Orthotics items.

At the end, what you want is a consistent partner that can define your reimbursement possibilities once and for all. Hire our experts as we deliver you actionable support. Leverage the opportunity we bring to the table as a next gen Orthotics billing services company. We deliver where others fail at these difficult times with trust and credibility.

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