How To Streamline Prior Authorization for Sleep Medicine

We all are driven by a digital world where our brand has to stand the test of time in competitive landscape. In US healthcare, the story isn’t different with medical specialty practices like sleep medicine for that matter of fact.

Improving on the diagnosis and therapy process with consistent procedure is the key. It is critical for you as a service provider to get well along

with the payers acting as the custodian of the patient in more ways than one!

Employing timely measures, checks with customized prior authorization complemented with excellent processes should be the road ahead. However, challenges are many and the recent figures are a testimony to this fact!

  • In fact, the Sure-scripts survey that was conducted on almost 300 providers, almost 30% calls come from patients with lack of clarity in prescriptions. Prior authorization requires extra effort and time with the support staff engaged in rework and follow-up.

67% providers find it confusing to analyze drugs, tests, procedures requiring Prior Authorization!

Prior approval help is a desired model with a lot of providers. Also, a competent road-map that will reduce turnaround time with benefits check is a preliminary need! The pertinent question will be “Why should I outsource?”

Well, if you are looking for a better revenue cycle management, you will need a partner that will look to add value with their skill-set and process excellence. Specific questions on prior authorization have to be sent to the electronic health record that is based on the medication, health plan and the patient eligibility. Paperless authorization reducing time and money improves financial credibility.

Getting a billing company understanding recurring changes in payer adjudication guidelines will resolve a lot of problems. Prior authorization for sleep medicine requires effective rejection management while implementing proven measures for protection of patient data. Let a disciplined RCM company work as an extension of your financial operations to make a difference!


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