Fix Your Hospital Accounts Receivable Problems with Sunknowledge Services Inc

Are you facing poor cash flow for improper hospital accounts receivable management then, it’s high time that you need an experienced team that not only handle your cash flow problems but also efficiently ensure a seamless billing process. As good accounts receivable management can transform the entire medical business cash flow in no time.

However, here are few common accounts receivable problems that most of the healthcare practices have suffered from:

Claims denials- today the denial of insurance claims is one of the common, predictable problems where healthcare practices are seen losing more than 10% potential profits.

Unnecessary write-offs- it is seen that due to lesser amount, most of the time those payments are not been maintained which affects the balance sheet eventually, resulting in problems in hospitals account receivable management processes.

Unaware of the billing process or its regulations- unaware of the present billing regulation end up forming errors in the billing and coding process resulting in bad debts etc. But, with Sunknowledge Services, you no longer have to worry about your hospital accounts receivable problems anymore.

Sunknowledge: Help you fix your Hospital Accounts Receivable Problems

Taking care of all your pre and post billing work, our experienced biller and coders precisely review each and every claim properly while ensuring timely claims submission. With proper hospital accounts receivables management, our experts further ensure no write-offs or adjustments are claims without the client’s consent.

In fact, continuously monitoring unpaid claims and finding the accurate procedure or solution to eliminate them, we further helps our clients in reducing the overall operational cost by 80%. Handling aging buckets and the accounts in 45/60 and 90 days with better billing management than the in-house billing option, with us you also get the benefits like 100s excellent industry references and highest collection rate as well.

Furthermore, offering benefits like liability insurance coverage of $2 million from Geico/Hiscox for any errors of Omission and Commissions, we also maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing and coding processes.
So, call us right now and improve your hospital accounts receivable problems for 2021.

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