Sunknowledge Helps You Improve Your HME Medical Billing Services

With the constant change in the medical practices due to the development of new technology and tools for advance medicine, healthcare billing is also constantly changing. Thus with the ever changing billing regulation and different medical billing codes, many healthcare practices are not only finding it difficult in keeping a track of the present changing billing rules and regulation but also in ensuring a streamlined HME medical billing process.

In fact today especially due to different medical billing software, most of the billers and coders are seen lacking the software knowledge which is needed during the implementation resulting in more errors and complications and denied claims. And in HME medical billing process nothing is more frustrating for a healthcare provider and their bottom line as denied or rejection of a claim. This is why today healthcare providers finding outsourcing a much more of a convenient HME medical billing solution.

Why Providers Find Outsourcing HME Medical Billing Much More Convenient?

With the ever changing medical billing rules and regulation, changing medical billing codes all over the field along with rising healthcare cost, outsourcing organization not only keeping a track of billing mandates and changing rules, codes etc ensures seamless billing process but also eliminates the extra cost which is needed to be spent on the billers, coders for updating them with changing medical billing regulation. Being a cost-effective solution, outsourcing RCM organization further assists you achieve your goal by closing all your billing gasps faster and efficiently. In fact outsourcing organization further protects your bottom line through constant follow-up, seamless communication and faster billing solution.

Helping you with such seamless HME billing operation, Sunknowledge Services Inc is one of such outsourcing RCM organization that not only ensures seamless billing transaction but also seamless cash flow. Helping you reducing all your extra cost, our experts not only with constant follow-up, seamless communication ensures 80 percent operational cost reduction but also maintain the billing, coding and collection process at 99.9 percent accuracy rate.

In fact partnering with Sunknowledge Services our clients get the privileges of:

Helping many leading names of the industry, Sunknowledge Services Inc today has further advantages like:
Yearly Maintenance of compliance
Top of line Infrastructure setup to protect against any malicious threat to PHI.
Liability insurance of 3million dollar coverage with up to 1 million dollar coverage per incident
Dedicated resources with US phone numbers accessible during all US working days
Free Dedicated Account Managers for all our clients
Free account supervisors.
Free internal auditors assigned.
Free Setup of accounts and transition.
Free IT infrastructure setup (Phone lines, VPN setup, FTP server etc.)
No binding contract

Helping you with all your HME medical billing crisis, we today are proud operation extension of the top three leading HME/ DME companies with revenue coverage of around 1.4 Billion dollars for these 3 companies alone. Helping you completely modify your HME medical billing process for better medical billing management so that you can focus more on patient care, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is the complete one stop destination for all medical billing solution.

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