Simplify Your HME Billing Demands with a Quality Team

It is true that medical supplies are getting delayed for almost 37 days due to continued supply chain problems. According to a research conducted by the Health Industry Distributors Association, the delays are impacting 8000-12000 containers of suppliers all around the US transportation system. The HIDA also found out that medical supplies are getting delayed by nine days on truck, 11 days in rail and almost 17 days at the ports. Hence, it is pretty evident that as a provider, you need a consistent partner that can work on your HME billing while you can focus on logistics and transportation.

Reducing any overhead expenses remains one of the major challenges for any HME provider. Proper synchronization of your HME RCM mandates will lay down the corner stone for effective realization of your reimbursements. But the question still remains! How do you choose your ultimate HME billing and coding services partner.

Sunknowledge Delivers it All

As a next gen RCM destination, we are a powerhouse in the world of HME billing. Our team of HME billers and coders work it all at the front and the back end and has excellent references. Moreover, we know how to define your ROI possibilities, eliminate any practice management gaps with our specialized intervention. At just $7 per hour, we do it all on an a la carte or an end to end basis, just as our clients need.

We have the perfect plan to eliminate any process loopholes with our specialized presence, lay down the checks and balances that elevates your RCM experience in the best possible manner. Speak to our team and get to know what defines our ability to work as your ultimate operational arm. We make it possible for you at these difficult times of staff shortage to eliminate any of your HME billing worries.

Our experts will be happy to give you a complete outline on how we work. Schedule a demonstration now and come to know why we are special in the world of HME billing. We extend professionalism, excellence and trust in our process delivery.

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