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It is true that almost 61% of healthcare consumers feel that the entire process is a chore and more complex than regular mortgage payments. Almost 58% of the consumers believe that digital communication from their insurers and providers is the only way forward. A whopping number of 81% want healthcare shopping to be as easy as an ecommerce platform.
What the consumers today at these uncertain times want is a frictionless healthcare possibility with tangible value for the patients. Hence, it is imperative for a provider to invest in generating better avenues which will improve patient experience in the long run.

Finding a streamlined partner that knows what it takes to drive your contact center services to real time assistance for patients is the only way forward for better experience and a genuine roadmap to value based care. It gives you better opportunities to maximize your revenue and improving your customer satisfaction possibilities greatly with tailored healthcare call center services.

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Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

There are several qualities which demonstrate that healthcare call centers improve

sunknowledge advantage

Departmental Satisfaction
Caller Satisfaction
Better savings for providers and health systems
Improved patient engagement

Sunknowledge extends unparalleled support
Although recent advancements in internet and the use of smart phones have revolutionized the communication world, it cannot be denied that live agents offering support via telephone is still one of the most preferred channels. That is the sole reason why companies invest in autodialers, which greatly assist marketers and call centers in lowering cost per acquisition (CPA), increasing efficiencies, and increasing the number of leads contacted in recent years. All the more reason why people feel that a call center is way better than
Live Chat
Click to call support
Online Knowledge
HME BillingFurther these channels and its adoptions are only improving patient satisfaction which in turn is increasing the value proposition is on offer from a healthcare provider. Over the last decade, Sunknowledge has fast emerged as a next gen revenue cycle management company in the healthcare space.
We have a robust process in place with which we can meet all healthcare call center needs of a health system with maximum accuracy and highest metrics of productivity. Our team extends personalization and competent service representative who can deliver tailored support.

We are equipped to offer support in:
Appointment Reminders
Post discharge follow ups
Pre appointment reminders
Patient satisfaction
Patient/ care navigation
With some marketing fundamentals remaining universal, we serve as a great catalyst that includes positive word of mouth referrals for healthcare providers. We make healthcare call centers serve your patients in such a manner that they will readily recommend your hospital or health center to their friends and family. Our team drives ROI with dedicated support and $7 per hour for a full time employee working only for you.

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Sunknowledge will be glad to share our ideas of a business synergy with you! With over 100’s of clients and excellent references we bring down operational costs by 80% for the best. Get in touch with our team and come to know how exciting we make your patient engagement efforts with our streamlined healthcare call center services. We believe in serving you with trust and excellence.

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