Sunknowledge: Specialized Range of non Clinical Healthcare Billing Staffing Solutions

At Sunknowledge, we understand that every role in healthcare industry needs special talent. Doing the right things on time for your patients is of utmost importance to you as a healthcare provider. Our team understands that right from developers to medical billers and resources handling your accounts receivable, all members of the team impacts the organizations performance and optimizes patient experience. Our team is a single provider for all your nonclinical hiring needs and we help to keep your hospital, clinic or office running profitably and smoothly. Our healthcare billing staffing solutions ranges from eligibility verification specialists, prior authorization experts, certified medical coders, accounts receivable specialists, data entry resources and many more! Over the years, we have had a unique presence among both healthcare payers and providers and our references are a testimony to it.

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

Many of our specialists have been working for years across major clinics, primary care centers, DME suppliers, health insurance companies, radiology and dermatology practices, urgent care centers and a lot others. Our first hand knowledge on the processes, compliance and technology demands, ability to offer customized solutions makes us a champion provider of healthcare billing staffing solutions. Our resources have an out of the box ability to transform your cash reserves, help you earn a competitive advantage.

Why Choose Sunknowledge for Tailored Healthcare Billing Staffing

One of the reasons to choose Sunknowledge as your go to vendor is our extensive understanding of the best practices of the medical billing industry. Our knowledge of the claims adjudication mandates, ability to offer front end as well as back end RCM specialists are second to none. On the top of it, you will be amazed with our productivity standards and dedicated model of working with you at next door rates.

We Extend:healthcare billing staffing

Permanent Staffing: Let Sunknowledge extend you full time resources and deliver you the much needed assistance. Our talent pool will help you stand a competitive advantage and will help you remain productive at this testing times. Also, we will be reducing your costs of operations by 70%, deliver customized solutions that will demystify your billing challenges.

Interim and Temporary Staffing: Surely, as a provider your organization will have peak business times on which you will need extra workforce to handle your extra load. Right from offering your resources to handle your ad hoc medical coding projects or accounts receivable experts to boost your recovery of collections, our temporary staffing solutions will be complementing it with a specialized intervention.

Consultative Expertise: Whether you need consultation on how to enhance your business processes or a complete overhaul of your revenue cycle, we can offer you support at each step with our experienced consultants and subject matter experts who will be working with you to streamline your processes for a hassle free RCM experience.

We take care of Your Healthcare Billing Staffing needs

Sunknowledge manages an extensive network of professionals who has the niche ability to take care of all your medical billing staffing needs. We evaluate, interview and offer tested resources that will elevate your practice management standards.
We offer support in the following areas:

Healthcare Administration
Certified medical coding
Electronic medical records
Human resources
Insurance verification and referral
Medical data entry
Medical executive assistance
Medical front desk coordination
Medical office administration
Medical scheduling
Member services
Patient registration
Patient services
Provider relations

Finance, Accounting and Revenue Cycle
Accounts payable/accounts receivable
Claims denial
Claims examination and analysis
Claims processing
Cost accounting
General accounting
Inventory planning and reporting
Medical billing and collections
Process improvement
Revenue recognition
Supply chain management
Tax accounting

Our team will love to share our ideas of a business synergy with you! All your healthcare billing staffing demands will be met with our team and that too at just $7 per hour. Schedule a demonstration now to know how we extend unparalleled support.

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Why are companies turning to healthcare staffing as a workforce solution?

It is critical to patient satisfaction and quality staff helps providers to earn a competitive edge. As these staffs improve performance and help patients with confidence, it is imperative to find resources with experience. Many research documents clearly suggest that a lot of aspects of healthcare staffing influence patient satisfaction at different levels.

What are the rates of your healthcare staffing solutions?

We at Sunknowledge , offer dedicated medical billers, coders, AR analysts, data entry professionals at just $7 per hour on a dedicated resource model. Moreover, we excel in training them to work according to your protocols that make us a perfect RCM destination in the healthcare space.

Which healthcare professionals experience maximum shortage in staffing?

The highest demands for primary care physicians that practice general medicine are the ones who are seeing the most number of patients. Lack of skilled resources and high cumulative wait times across the primary care centers are enough reasons why these segment needs maximum trained healthcare staffing requirements.

What are the major challenges across hospitals?

The main challenges confronting public hospitals are incomplete infrastructure , huge load patient volumes especially inpatient admissions have had a sky high demand in the last one year and low quality of service from inexperienced resources. Also high out of pocket expenditure for the patients creates a bad impression for the health systems in general. Hence, all you need is a steady team which can be delivered by an experienced vendor in healthcare staffing business.

How do the agencies offering healthcare staffing solutions work?

At the onset , the agencies offering healthcare staffing solutions use massive networking possibilities to connect with employers that has the best employees. They also have recruiters across whose main purpose is to hunt and farm the best talent in healthcare throughout the country. These staffing agencies allow providers to spend their time , energy as well as resources on their patients better.

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