Tips To Improve Your Gastroenterology Prior Authorization by Sunknowledge Experts

Gastroenterology focuses on diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract; it is a domain mainly dealing with the digestive system and its disorders while providing provide both medical and surgical services, which has evolved into a highly lucrative practice today.

In fact, for a seamless Gastroenterology process, the gastroenterologist’s billers and coder need to stay updated on the various coding guidelines and payer-specific protocols that not only make the billing process easy but also help in a faster reimbursement rate.

Being a challenging domain requiring an expert range of knowledge to ensure maximum reimbursement. The process further involves motility, and GI function studies, documenting proper levels of evaluation and management services, category III codes for treatment of GERD, and applying the use of modifiers  -51, -59, and -26 etc which is not possible if you do not have the right operational extension by your side.

Sunknowledge: The Right Operational Partner for Your Gastroenterology Prior Authorization

Helping you with a financially successful practice, Sunknowledge Service’s not only stays updated on the various coding guidelines and payer-specific protocols but also helps with 80% operational cost reduction; while helping with the complete Gastroenterology prior authorization starting from:

  • Gathering of vital information from patient, provider as well as order information
  • Check the patient’s eligibility
  • Communicate and validate prior auth request with the payers
  • Initiate PA requests as per the payer protocols
  • Follow-up with payer for checking the auth status
  • Follow-up with ordering physician for the additional documents as requested by the payer
  • Provide the additional information as requested by the payer
  • Update the auth outcome in the billing system

With complete attention to detail and communication giving in the Gastroenterology prior authorization process, our experts further maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate also reduces your errors as well as denial rate. Maintaining a complete seamless authorization solution and helping many healthcare practices in closing the authorization gaps faster and efficiently, our expert further ensures the highest collection rate of 97% from the first 30 days itself from the date of the billing.

Offering a complete operational transparency, robust reporting according to the client’, partnering with us further with seamless billing operation helps in patient care management.

So if you are looking for a cost effective Gastroenterology prior authorization solution, you know the right person to talk to. For more information, we are just a call away!

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